Citi Paper Products

We at Citi Paper Products have had very humble beginnings. Over the years, we have taken valuable steps to evolve into a packaging company that aspires to be among the best in the business. Yet our humble beginnings ensure that no matter how high we reach, our feet are always on the ground.


“Whether it’s small job or a full scale Packaging Requirement, we promise to devote the same level of dedication and professionalism to deliver exceptional quality on time and in budget.”

Paper Products


Have the best systems, work flows and practices of the industry, Constantly be quicker, better and innovative.
Constantly deliver higher value, Always keep the customer first in all actions and plan.


Give our customers a better service and value, Constantly improve on lead times, Have trained and motivated employees who always aim to do better, Always be fair to all our business associates


Here at the Citi Paper Products, we’re innovative, motivated, passionate, agile, collaborative and trustworthy.

We at citi Paper  are committed towards providing packaging solutions by manufacturing high quality, zero defects  cartons. Our aim is to be the customers 1st choice all the time and therefore to ensure that we strive for the following :

–  Supplying our customers with the best in quality paper products along with timely deliveries & services

–  Continuously improving our products by innovation and optimization

–  Ensuring 100% of dispatches are as per specifications best suited for the customer

–  Ensure proper training is given through company policies & practices to all employees so that

–  the above is never compromised




We focus on the packaging and offer our customers a complete range of services from the initial briefing right through to the finished product – in a process combining every discipline necessary.


Our Supply-Chain Management office plans, controls and manages the quality and speed of all our processes at the highest level. This is the only way we can remain constantly competitive – and can help our customers to support their own competitiveness.


You can only be the leader in quality if you’re also a leader in technology. As a driver of innovation, we’re always taking new methods to industrial production maturity, functioning as a development partner to our suppliers and driving forward the entire industry.


We solve real-life packaging problems with every customer order. We do this by closely observing the markets, engaging in active development and acting quickly to turn new trends into innovative solutions.

Delivering World Class Services & Innovative Products

” A dynamic team of packaging professionals driven by purpose,
and led by the free Spirit of Life and Love “